Here you will find some helpful resources for class.

Digital Graphic & Animation

  • OpenPhoto - free Photos you can use for your digital graphic projects.
  • NAPP - National Association of Photoshop Professionals
  • - full digital art curriculum for free.
  • Color Scheme Generator - get the perfect color combinations.
  • Get Paint - a free tool that is similar to Photoshop but free.
  • Pivot - a free stick figure animation program.
  • GIMP - another free photo retouching software.
  • - Free cool fonts
  • Scott Kelby - my favorite Photoshop trainer he is Awesome!
  • Rhinoceros - download a free 3 month trial.
  • Blender - a free open source 3D content creation suite.
  • Adobe - if you love the software student can get the entire Creative Cloud for 19.99 a month.
  • FindSounds - a search engine for finding free sounds for your Flash projects.
  • Austin Film Society - A non-profit organization that promotes the appreciation of film
  • Art Institute of Austin - Bachelor's and associates degrees in design and visual arts
  • Photo Shop Tutorials - house and showcase some of the best Photoshop tutorials around.

Video Game Design

  • Video Copilot - visual effect and motion tutorials for Adobe After Effects. Awesome site!
  • Unreal Engine - game Engine we use in class. Download it at home for free.
  • Autodesk - download student versions of Maya, 3DS Max, Mudbox and more!
  • Pixel Prospector - well-known resources for independent game designers.
  • GDC - technical and business related talks from the Game Developer Conference.
  • HobbyGameDev - a huge list of articles about game development and design.
  • Extra credits - an youtube channel about games and game design.
  • The Game Accessibility Guidelines - a list of design guidelines to improve the feel and the ergonomics of your game.
  • 2d Game Art Guru - a blog maintained by Chris Hildenbrand, a senior game artist, with 20 years of experience using vector drawing software.
  • Seven Camels - a blog maintained by the storyboard artist Mark Kennedy.
  • Game Programming Patterns - covers a variety of common programming patterns, all applied to game creation.
  • Github Education Pack - features a variety of normally paid services for developers, offered for free to anyone with a school-issued email address and a valid student ID card.

Web 2.0 Tools

  • Google Docs - never forget your homework access your files online.
  • Canva - design tool.
  • Prezi - create stunning visual presentations by zooming in, out and around a large, flat canvas.
  • Kahoot - create, play and share fun learning games for any subject.
  • Zamzar - media converter.
  • Blurb - e-book creator.
  • Fotor - online collage makers.
  • Blogger - breate a free blog.
  • Scrapblog - create fun online scrap books.
  • WordPress - blog Tool and Publishing Platform.
  • Delicious - social bookmarking.
  • Flicker - online Photo management and sharing application.
  • Scratch - create and share your own interactive stories, games, music and art.